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Lankapura Divisional Secretariat reopened

Lankapura Divisional Secretariat, which was closed off after one of its staff members tested positive for COVID-19, has resumed operations today (14).

As the 14-day quarantine period of the employees of Lankapura Divisional Secretariat drew to an end yesterday (13), the office was reopened while ensuring the adherence to health guidelines introduced for mitigating the spread of the virus, the Lankapura Divisional Secretary, Mr. Indika Karunaratne said.

A staff member of the Lankapura Divisional Secretariat was confirmed COVID-19 positive on the 30th of July and the office premises were temporarily made out of bounds.

This case was detected when the entire staff of the Divisional Secretariat was subjected to a random PCR test session.

The infected patient, a resident of Lankapura, was identified to be a close associate of a coronavirus-positive patient from the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre.

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