Five Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Five Foods That Cause Bad Breath

Getting ignored because of bad breath is something none of us would ever want. It’s humiliating and can make life not so pleasant. Many times the foods that we consume can cause foul-smelling breath to spoil our day or even cause a dent in relationships. Below we take a look at five foods that are known to cause foul breath and can be avoided if you are facing the problem.

Fish & Meat

Acids and beneficial bacteria in our stomach break down the fish and meat proteins into amino acids. Ammonia is produced as a by-product of the process, which has a sharp, pungent smell. Ammonia gets absorbed and transported through the bloodstream, reaching the lungs, which then releases the foul odour through the mouth. Fish in particular can cause a lingering foul smell in the mouth unless it is cooked with spices that help reduce the smell to a degree.



Garlic contains a high number of sulphur compounds, which have a strong smell. Chewing garlic cloves causes such odours to linger on the mouth. Swallowing garlic or garlic containing food prolongs bad breath, which comes from the stomach. As per research, garlic ingestion leads to the production of a sulphur compound called allyl methyl sulphide, which is not metabolised by our stomach.


Onions and garlic belong to the same family of flowering plants known as allium. Like garlic, onions also contain a high number of sulphuric compounds. This causes bad breath in those who consume onions raw. When cooked, the strong smell and taste of onions can be reduced by soaking them in water and by the use of spices and vinegar.

Dairy products

Milk and cheese consumption is known to cause bad breath. This is because the amino acids in dairy products are broken down by bacteria present in our gums, which leads to the production of sulphur compounds that have a foul smell.


Most working professionals swear by multiple cups of coffee to keep them active. The grounded beans, however, cause bad breath. Coffee contains odorous sulphur compounds. It also contains caffeine, which dries the saliva in our mouths and encourages excessive bacterial growth, causing bad breath.