De-crowned winner to sue Jurie, organisers

The ‘Mrs Sri Lanka 2021’ turned into a major fiasco when the crown was ripped off from the winner, Pushpika de Silva, by the reigning Mrs World Caroline Jurie, on 4 April, at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre, amidst a vast gathering.

The de-crowned beauty said that she would take legal action against the organisers for humiliating her citing the unnecessary embarrassment caused.

After many rounds on the catwalk by the beauty contestants, Pushpika, contestant number 20, who was also the former Miss Sri Lanka, was crowned in all glory by Jurie and the panel of judges. However, after several minutes Jurie stormed on the stage to make a special announcement while the new beauty queen was waving at the crowd not knowing what was being said.  

Jurie said, “Mrs Sri Lanka goes to the one who is married and not divorced, hence, the crown is for the first runners up.” Saying so, she walked up to Pushpika de Silva and began removing the crown that was attached to the hairpins. 

She was assisted by reputed organiser of the event and then she placed the crown on the first runner-up who was shocked beyond words at becoming the title holder.

The video footage shows Shiranthi Rajapaksa, Mayor Rosy Senanayake, and Chandimal Jayasinghe and Jalani Premadasa being present at the event. The crown was removed after, all the VIPs had left the hall.   

Former Mrs World title holder Mayor Rosy Senanayake said the jury was correct in crowning Pushpika. 

Pushipka, whose title and crown was ripped off, left the stage in disgust with her bouquet in hand.  

One of the organisers who appeared on the stage with Jurie then cheered the first runner-up after placing the crown on her head.

The organisers and the former beauty queen were routed on the social media over their conduct and the manner in which the crown was removed. Questions were raised whether Jurie had the right to de-crown Pushpika and whether it was the fault of the judges and the organising committee. 

Within few hours, it came to light that Pushpika had been hospitalised for trauma and ‘head injuries’ caused while the crown was snatched from her head.

Pushpika then posted on Facebook that she is not divorced and that she is separated and she was entitled to be in the pageant. 

 It was later announced that the crowning of Pushpika de Silva as Mrs Sri Lanka 2021 will remain unchanged.