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‘Purrfect’ escape

A cat nabbed at Welikada prison last Saturday with a substance believed to be heroin and SIM cards strapped around its neck has escaped, prison sources said.

Prison officers found a small amount of powder believed to be heroin and two SIM cards and a memory chip in a small plastic bag tied around the cat’s neck. The cat had reportedly escaped from a prison room where it had been kept on Sunday.

When officers from the Borella Police had come to take the items and the cat into their custody, the animal was not in the room which it was kept, prison sources said.

An official at the prison department said the police took a while to arrive at the prison to take custody of the items and the cat and when the room in which the cat was kept was opened the animal was not found in the room.

He said however, the prison officials had photographed the cat when it was captured with the above items.

Meanwhile an official at the Borella police station said after being informed an officer had gone to the magazine prison but he was only given a small packet with some substance, SIM cards and a memory chip but there was no cat in sight.

He said the Police would conduct a probe on the items given to them.

In recent times officials detected several incidents of people throwing small packets of drugs, cell phones and SIM cards over the prison walls. During recent inspections in several prisons in the country officers seized a large number of illegal items kept by inmates. Also police last week nabbed an eagle believed to have been used by drug traffickers to distribute narcotics from the Meegoda area.

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