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Starlink could disrupt telecom industry

Starlink, of SpaceX, is a satellite constellation project being developed by Elon Musk and team to give satellite Internet go-to access for people in any part of the world. The plan is to comprise thousands of mass-delivered little satellites in low Earth circle, orbit, working in mix with ground handheld devices, for instance, our iPhones. Elon Musk speaks about it as a grand Idea that could change the way we view and access the world around us.

In these times, how we connect to the internet is quite in a very traditional way. However, Starlink might just change that, in a big way. The global pandemic has shown us how much we rely on the internet and how much of is needed to run our lives, to access knowledge, and to communicate to people distant from us.

So, allow me to state how Starlink, this little Elon Musk pet project, can rise up to stardom, like a “rocket ship”, take over the world, and disrupt, yet, another future dying industry.

For Starlink to build its foundation, in space, above us, it needs infrastructure. So, Starlink’s main backbone is its satellites. Satellites will act as the source for the wireless communication system to provide, for example, internet access, directly to us, on Earth. From the surface, it seems like another Sci-Fi movie, but that’s what Elon Musk does, transforming fantasy to reality. Making the unthinkable, thinkable.

One of their alleged partners is a high-end satellite and video communications company based in Florida, Vislink.

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