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Post offices to open for 2 hrs during non-curfew hours

The Postmaster General says that all post offices and sub post offices have been instructed to remain open for at least 2 hours a day during non-curfew hours.

Issuing a statement, he stated that although maintaining postal operations is difficult at a time when transportation has come to a standstill, the following decisions have been taken on the instructions of Minister Bandula Gunawardena and Secretary to the Ministry of Information and Mass Media:

1. All post offices/sub post offices to be kept open for at least 2 hours when the curfew is not in effect.

2. Assigning the vehicles and staff of the Postal Department to district secretaries for the purpose of distributing essential consumer goods.

3. Allowing the use of post office premises for operational affairs if requested by district secretaries.

4. Delivering the medicines issued by clinics of government hospitals to patients at their homes, according to the instruction received from the task force appointed to control the Coronavirus outbreak.

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