WhatsApp announces three new features for users.

WhatsApp announces three new features for users.

Meta-owned WhatsApp has announced three new features for users to make the experience better for them.

According to WaBetaInfo, the new features includeimprovements to polls, forwarding media with captions, and sharing documents with captions.

The new updates are being rolled out globally and released to all users who install the latest version of the app. However, it may take some time for these features to be available to everyone.


The new update allows pollcreators to enable a single-vote option which would make it easier for them to reach adefinitive answer. Users can now disablethe “allow multiple answers” toggle when they are creating a poll.

Users can also filter messages by polls just like they can search forphotos, videos, or links by selecting the “polls” option when looking for a specific text.

“In addition, the latest updates of the app ensure that poll creators are always up to date with responses by notifying them when people vote on their polls,” said the app-tracking website.

Forward media with caption

Users can forward media with a caption in this new feature. This includesphotos, videos, and GIFs. They can choose to keep or delete captions when they forward something or they can also add more information to the caption.

Documents with captions

Moreover, users can also forward documents withcaptions, making it easier for them to find a document later.