MV Eurosun: Operation launched to evacuate distressed vessel

MV Eurosun: Operation launched to evacuate distressed vessel

A special operation is being launched by several divisions including Marine Environment Protection Authority and the Navy today to evacuate the MV Eurosun which was wrecked on a reef near the small Ravana lighthouse off the coast of Hambantota while transporting cement raw material.

An operation was launched last night to observe the vessel, where it was discovered that the seabed and the coral reef had sustained damages due to the distressed vessel.

The MEPA stated that the main objective of the operation was to calculate the damage and remove the ship from that location.

The Liberian-flagged vessel was transporting clinker cement from the Port of Abu Dhabi to the Port of Trincomalee for cement production. It is said that at that time the ship had more than 33,000 metric tons of cement raw material and 762 metric tons of fuel required for the ship.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of the MEPA, Dr. Turnie Pradeep Kumara said that further action will be taken with the ship's local agency and the captain and other parties.