Bigg Boss 14, Day 66 Written Update: Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla Face Off with Kavita Kaushik, Husband

Bigg Boss 14, Day 66 Written Update: Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla Face Off with Kavita Kaushik, Husband

The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes of Bigg Boss 14 are always action-packed with a whole lot of drama and entertainment. The housemates are all eager to see just what the host Salman Khan has to say about their game. This time, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a very entertaining task. He asks Eijaz, Rubina and Aly to brand the housemate according to the qualities that they share with animals!

Arshi is the first one to be branded as a Geedhad or a Jackal, to which she vehemently disagrees. Aly and Arshi have a little clash on that. Vikas is branded as a poisonous snake by Aly and Eijaz. While Manu is branded as the ghoda, Rahul is given the badge of a monkey! Salman even questions Rahul about his tag to which he believes that if anyone deserves to be a monkey, it is Manu who always dances to Eijaz’s tunes! Salman thinks to agree with Vikas’ tag as a snake however, Vikas feels that Manu is the snake.

Next up, Arshi reacts very badly with Salman who gets angry and warns her that he has always been cordial and respectable while talking to her. He feels that she should be a little more respectful while talking with the host especially when Salman has always been extremely polite with her. While Arshi tries to take back her words, Salman makes it clear that he won’t take such cheekiness from her. He says that all the feedback that he gives the housemates is because he wants them to have a respectful exit.

The Weekend Ka Vaar also saw the ousted contestant Kavita Kaushik and her husband Ronit Biswas challenge Abhinav about his behavior towards Kavita in the past. Kavita accuses Abhinav of drunk-texting her while Abhinav denies the entire episode. Kavita refuses to step back and asks Abhinav to tell out loud just why they ended their friendship. Host Salman Khan sems to have had enough of this banter! He steps in and asks all parties to take a step back and reflect on what their behavior towards each other. Meanwhile, Rubina breaks down and seems inconsolable after the entire argument.

Will Arshi face the brunt of host Salman’s anger? Will Rubina and Abhinav be able to move beyond this incident?