Apple announces new ‘NameDrop’ Feature for sharing between iPhones.

Apple announces new ‘NameDrop’ Feature for sharing between iPhones.

As part of iOS 17, Apple at WWDC 2023 announced a new AirDrop-related feature called NameDrop, a potentially more convenient way of sharing things with another iPhone owner that’s in the same physical location as you.

With NameDrop, two people only need to bring each of their iPhones close together, and one can share a file or photos with the other person automatically. 

NameDrop supports the sharing of contact information (users can select which numbers and email addresses to share), and the feature also works between an ‌iPhone‌ and an Apple Watch as long as they are running up-to-date software.

With the same close-contact phone gesture, you can also share content or start SharePlay to listen to music, watch a movie, or play a game while in close proximity between ‌iPhone‌ devices, according to Apple.

NameDrop is compatible with iPhones running ‌iOS 17‌ and will be supported on Apple Watch models running an update that Apple says will be available “later this year.”