TNPF becoming undemocratic – V. Manivannan

TNPF becoming undemocratic – V. Manivannan

Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) National Organiser and Media Spokesperson V. Manivannan recently said he cannot ignore that the party is becoming undemocratic, and he will fight to maintain democracy in the party and see that the Tamil people’s rights are met.

He was speaking at a recent press conference.

He said that several conflicts are in the party and many are leaving, while some are still carrying many heinous crimes.

“Recently, a letter was sent accusing me of various allegations. I denied those and said I will cooperate if the party carries out an investigation in this regard and show proof to deny such allegations.”

Manivannan has accused the party of certain allegations, and have called for a committee to inquire into them.

“So far, no committee has been formed, and this shows that allegations against them are true,” he said.

He added that various nationalist parties are in the North and East, but they are breaking into several factions. He said he will not let the TNPF break and form various fractions.

“I don’t aspire for any position in the party, but I will fight the injustices against the Tamil people,” he said.