TNA opposes 20A - Sampanthan

TNA opposes 20A - Sampanthan

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) strongly opposes the 20th amendment to the Constitution, TNA leader R.Sampanthan said yesterday. He pointed out that this Amendment violates the sovereignty of the people and that it terminates all important components of it.

Sampanthan made these observations joining the debate on the 20th amendment to the Constitution in Parliament yesterday.

Sampanthan observed, “We are debating the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution. The TNA strongly opposes the proposed 20th Amendment.

 We state that sovereignty is vested on the people and it can be exercised only by the people. The sovereignty of the people includes power of governance, Legislative, Executive and Judicial, Fundamental Rights and the franchise. The 20th Amendment has terminated all these components of sovereignty exclusively vested on the people. Legislative, Executive and Judicial powers are violated.”

Sampanthan also said that the power of appointment and removal of Commission members and Judges and others being vested in one individual is unacceptable. He also observed that the Judiciary must remain independent. He added that no one has received any mandate from the people to convert a democracy into a dictatorship and it is the reason why the TNA (ITAK) is opposed to these amendments.

“We always make our decisions based on the right principles. This country does not have a Constitution that is accepted by the people. The present Constitution was rejected by the people at every election since 1994. The Tamil people have continuously given their mandate for a new Constitution. It must have the consensus of all the people in this country including the Tamil people. Or else we will reject it.”