Oxygen crisis India: SOS calls appealing to arrange oxygen

Oxygen crisis India: SOS calls appealing to arrange oxygen

At least twenty ''critically ill'' patients died overnight at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi amid a serious oxygen crisis. "The oxygen pressure has dipped as we are running out of stock," Dr. D.K. Baluja, the Medical Director of Jaipur Golden Hospital, stated to Indian media.

Dr. Baluja stated the hospital has over 200 patients, and they had only half an hour of oxygen was left at 10:45 a.m. He also stated that the government had ordered 3.5 tons of oxygen, and they received the last refill of oxygen around midnight, after hours of delay.

Deaths from COVID patients in India due to lack of oxygen was reported in the past and the Moolchand Hospital in Delhi stated that the lives of 130 COVID patients who are fitted with ventilators are at risk if they do not receive oxygen quickly.

Hospitals in the national capital continued to send out SOS calls on Saturday morning appealing to authorities to arrange oxygen. Moolchand Hospital, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), Batra Hospital, and Jaipur Golden hospital reported a shortage of oxygen and appealed to the authority to arrange it at the earliest.

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