Sports Official tests positive for Covid – Sports Ministry

Sports Official tests positive for Covid – Sports Ministry

Statement from Ministry of Sports 

One of the sports officials was found COVID 19 positive on 22/11/2020 after a random sampling on 20.11.2020 Since he had been in the Torrington Sport premises with his nature of function, COVID 19 mitigation measures had been taken to prevent possible transmission of the infection to athletes and officials of the Torrington Sports Hostel and premises.

With the instructions of health officials;

– First line contacts have already been quarantined including two athletes, four officials and a driver since they had been travelling together for random PCR sampling on 20.11.2020

– Premises were immediately disinfected including the strength hall.

– Taken measures to make a bio-bubble including all the athletes and officials

Strict health measures have been imposed on all the athletes and officials including temperature check two times a day COVID 19 health questionnaire once daily, hand washing face mask and keeping distance.

– Torrington premises cannot be entered by outside people as well as and residential athlete and officials cannot leave the premises.

– The rest of the national pool athletes who are living outside will be able to train other sport venues, with strict health guidelines given by the Institute of Sports Medicine and health authorities.