Budget to presented in parliament tomorrow

Budget to presented in parliament tomorrow

The budget pertaining to the year 2021 is to be presented tomorrow evening in parliament.

Finance minister, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is to present the budget in parliament at 1.40 pm tomorrow. The debate on the second reading of the budget is to be limited to 4 days.

Accordingly the debate will commence the day after tomorrow, and will continue until the 21st of November.

The vote on the second reading is to take place on the 21st of November at 5.00 pm.

The budget executive committee debate is to be held from the 23rd of November to the 10th of December, while the vote pertaining to the 3rd reading is to be held on the 10th of December at 5.00 pm.

Due to the current situation of the country the number of dates for the debate has been reduced and as a temporary measure journalists will not be permitted into parliament