Six more areas isolated in four districts

Six more areas isolated in four districts

The National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) announced the isolation of several areas and Grama Niladhari divisions in four districts with effect from 4.00 a.m. tomorrow (May 25).

Meanwhile the isolation of certain areas and GN divisions will also be lifted at the same time tomorrow. 

Accordingly, the following areas are to be isolated: 

Rathnapura District
Kuruvita Police Area

  • Kuruvita
  • Delgamuwa GN Town Area


Galle District
Ambalangoda Police Area

  • Urawatta


Gampaha District
Kiribathgoda Police Area

  • Eriwetiya


Nuwara-Eliya District
Dayagama Police Area

  • Sandirigama Estate Sandirigama Division
  • Sandirigama Estate NLDB Farm


The following areas will be released from isolation:


Kalutara District 
Ingiriya Police Area

  • Maha Ingiriya GN Raigam Cantonment
  • Raigamwatta GN Raigamwaththa Bottom Area
  • Maha Ingiriya GN Raigampura


Rathnapura District 
Rathnapura Police Area

  • Rathgama


Monaragala District
Siyambalanduwa Police Area

  • Gal Amuna 
  • Helamulla


Wellawaya Police Area

  • Ethiliwewa


Gampaha District 
Wattala Police Area

  • Maddumagala


Hekiththa Police Area

  • Hekiththa GN excluding Athkam Housing Scheme, Alwis Place, National Housing Scheme, Koktain Road


Kerawalapitiya Police Area

  • Kerawalapitiya GN excluding Paranawaththa Area


Kerandapokuna Police Area

  • Keranga Pokuna GN excluding Jorge Lane


Katana Police Area

  • Kalugahawela