UP Madrasas Open Post Lockdown, Masks, Sanitisation & Social Distancing Mandatory

UP Madrasas Open Post Lockdown, Masks, Sanitisation & Social Distancing Mandatory

Nearly eight months after Covid-19 triggered lockdown, Madrasas across Uttar Pradesh opened up amid strict protocols issued by the state government on Monday. With social distancing, regular sanitisation, and protective face masks only 50% of students are allowed to attend classes. These sessions are being arranged in two shifts.

Along with traditional skull cap, kurta pyjamas, students at Madrasas were seen donning face masks and lining up for getting their hands sanitised in several madrasas. In order to contain the spread of virus, the seating arrangements at Madrasas are being done keeping in mind the social distancing.

“The madrasa will be operated in two shifts. Secondary and Fazil students in the first shift and senior secondary and Kamil students in the second shift will be called for classes. Only up to 50 percent of each class's students can be called in a day. The remaining 50 percent of the students may be called the next day,” Nandagopal Gupta 'Nandi', Minister for Minority, Waqf, and Haj said.

“Students will be called for physical classes only after the written consent of their parents/guardians. A flexible approach should be adopted for school attendance and no student will be forced to come to school. All students should be made aware of the spread of Covid-19 and measures to prevent it,” the minister added.

As per the guidelines issued, if a student or teacher or other person has symptoms of cough, cold, or fever, they will be sent back home after giving first aid. It will be mandatory for all teachers, students, and other employees of the madrasa to wear masks. Meanwhile, additional masks would be made available by the management and a distance of at least 6 feet has to be maintained. However, the management would also make sure that the system of online education is also continued and encouraged and if students do not have the facility of online reading, they should be called to the madrasa on a priority basis.

“It is a matter of joy that after such a long time the Madrasas are finally being opened again. All the guidelines by the government and the protocol for Covid-19 are being followed- children are wearing masks and getting themselves sanitized before entering the classes. As of now, student count is low but as the time passes the number of students will also be back to normal,” renowned cleric and Chairman of Islamic Centre of India, Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali said.