Cardio and strength training: How to combine the two for weight loss

Cardio and strength training: How to combine the two for weight loss

This the correct way to combine both the forms of exercises

Any effective weight loss plan is incomplete without exercise. Only the right ratio of diet and exercise can help you achieve your weight loss goal and make you shed kilos faster. Exercising helps you burn stored fat in the body and create a calorie deficit, which are the two pillars of a healthy and efficient weight loss plan.

Cardio vs strength training

Exercising is broadly divided into two - cardio and strength. When it comes to weight loss, the former is always considered better than the latter. That's because of the common belief that cardio helps you burn more calories than lifting weight, which is incorrect. In this article, we have outlined why strength training is as important as cardio for weight loss and how to incorporate it correctly in your routine.

​Cardio and weight loss

Cardio exercises like running, sprinting, skipping rope increase your heart rate and you require more oxygen to keep going. This helps you burn calories faster to fuel your workout. Moreover, if you perform cardio at a low intensity you can do it for a much longer interval. In case you choose to perform cycling and running then you will get some afterburn as well.


​Strength training and weight loss

Strength training is mostly associated with building muscles and lean mass. But it is equally effective in shedding kilos. Lifting weight helps you burn while exercising as well as 10-12 hours after exercising, when the body is resting. Besides, muscles have more metabolic rate than fat. There is no need to attempt deadlift or other complex weight lifting exercises. You can even try simple weight lifting exercises to reap the benefits of this form of exercise.

5​How to combine them to shed kilos

If you are only performing the same kind of exercises every day, then there are high chances that you might hit a weight loss plateau or lose motivation to exercise. Variety is the key to keep going.

Ideally one should perform cardio and strength training on alternate days. A 40 minutes session of cardio and strength training on alternate days are enough for weight loss. But if you want to combine the two exercises, then first perform weight training and then cardio for an effective outcome.