Cyclone Seroja that caused havoc in Indonesia to hit Australia

Cyclone Seroja that caused havoc in Indonesia to hit Australia

Western Australia is bracing for Tropical Cyclone Seroja, which is set to make landfall on Sunday evening.

Seroja is expected to bring widespread impacts across the region Sunday evening local time and overnight as it progresses southeastward over land.

Just days ago, this same cyclone wreaked havoc over Indonesia. Strong winds and heavy rains triggered flash floods and landslides.

Residents of Western Australian towns between Carnarvon and Lancelin, including the city of Geraldton, have been told to shelter immediately as Tropical Cyclone Seroja hurtles towards the coast.

Cyclone Seroja is forecast to cross the WA coast on Sunday night and gusts of up to 150 kilometres per hour are expected at the cyclone's peak.

Flash flooding is forecast in some areas due to intense rainfall.

A red alert has been extended to include an area south of the Carnarvon townsite to Lancelin, including the City of Greater Geraldton and Shires of Carnamah, Coorow, Chapman Valley, Irwin, Mingenew, Morawa, Northampton, Perenjori, Shark Bay and Three Springs.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm said towns within the red alert area would start to see the impact of the cyclone from about 4:00pm until after midnight.

The centre of Cyclone Seroja is expected to cross the coast between Kalbarri and Geraldton at around 9:00pm, with intense weather expected ahead of that.


Tropical cyclones impact the northern coast of Australia every year. However, the south-central coast of Western Australia do not see tropical cyclones as frequently, especially with the strength of Seroja.

Seroja early Sunday had winds around 110 kph, which is equivalent to a high-end tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm is expected to strengthen as it accelerates toward the coast and could reach 120 kph (75 mph), which is equivalent to a minimal Category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic