Blues, Police, Carlton and NBC share major honours

The teams Blues, Police, Carlton and NBC shared the major honours as they went on to win several age group Championships at the Masters Basketball Inter-League Tournament conducted by Masters Basketball Sri Lanka(MBSL) at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium recently.

After some intensive competition with the participation of 31 teams, the Blues, Police, Carlton and NBC stole the limelight by winning several age groups championships.

This event was a reintroduction of the game after almost two years which involved most of the yesteryear players participation for three days.

MBSL with a view of revamping the game in the country encouraged both men and women in various categories starting up from over 35 and above. Gaja Sports, one of the top sports promoting companies sponsored this event.

* Semi-finals Over 35 Mens-Blues beat Wattala 32-17 Bulls Black beat Colombo Spartans 25-16

* 40 Women’s-NBC beat Angels 22-7 Carlton Moratuwa beat Penguins 31-04

* 40 men’s-Police SC beat Old Bens 25-10 Carlton Moratuwa beat wattala Bc 28-25

* 45 men’s-Carlton Moratuwa beat Bulls 19-16 76ers Beat Untouchaballs 23-12

* 50 Men’sPolice SC beat Old Bens 17-08 Bulls beat Old Sokians 29-14

* Finals-35 Mens - Blues beat Bulls black 26-18

* Over 40 Men’s- Police SC beat Carlton, Moratuwa 21-17

* Over 45 Men’s- Carlton Moratuwa beat 76 ers 23-17

* Over 50 men’s- Bulls beat Police SC 14-7

* Over 35 women’s- NBC beat Penguins 33-10

* Over 40 women’s-Carlton Mortuwa beat NBC 22-17