10 Ways to Travel The World For Free and Satisfy the Travel Bug

10 Ways to Travel The World For Free and Satisfy the Travel Bug

Travel Blogging: Travel blogging is quite a thing these days and at the same time, maintaining a blog recounting your travel trysts can even get you paid. Once you establish yourself as a pro travel blogger, you might encounter opportunities for fully paid trips for yourself, that too, around the world. This requires a lot of work, but is definitely a legit way to combine work and fun!



Become an Instructor: If you excel at something, be it yoga, pilates, rock climbing, skiing or even scuba diving, these are common adventure sports and activities that can be found at every popular tourist destination nowadays. Getting a job internationally in such fields is a cake walk for an adept person and being fluent in various international languages will just be a cherry on top.



Get a Summer Job! A plethora of companies like McKinsey & Company, Marriott, Hilton, American Express, Walt Disney and many more offer summer jobs or if you wish to stay longer at a destination, that too might be available with the heaps of employment opportunities these companies offer, at beautiful destinations, however, the benefits received during the course of employment vary from company to company.



Temporary Job: In case you’re looking for a temporary job at an exotic location, New Zealand is an ideal destination that has a conducive environment for the same, as it is swamped with resorts and beaches looking to employ.



Work Exchange Program - Companies like WWoofing, HelpX, Workaway have introduced the relatively new concept of a work exchange program wherein your stay is taken care of but you need to work for a fixed amount of time during a week. The best part is that the exchange program doesn’t stick to conventional work and ranges from farm work to lodges, babysitting, paperwork, etc.



Work in Hostels: Employment opportunities are offered in hostels like maintenance, cleaning, receptionist, administrator, etc. while letting you stay there for free during the course of your employment.



House Sitting: Companies like HouseCarers, TrustedHousesitter, etc. bring you an opportunity to take care of somebody’s pet in their absence or their home sweet home in their absence. A common platform, that helps travellers and homeowners in need of bringing them together.



Couch Surfing: CouchSurfing is where you can find a number of local people willing to host you for free at their residence, be it on their couch, guest room or even a beautiful tent out in the open.



Travel Nursing: Travel Nursing could be one of the most rewarding jobs as it lets you stick to your career path and simultaneously gives you an opportunity to explore the United States of America. Depending on your skills you can earn up to $10,000 with travel, food and accommodation covered.



Language Immersion Program: If you’re looking for a short exotic vacay and are a fluent English speaker, this one’s a golden opportunity for you. Under the language immersion programs organized through Diverbo, you can go to gorgeous locations like Scotland, England, Canada, Ireland, Australia and stay at a hotel for a week for free and engage in conversations with Spanish or Germans who are simply looking to improve their English conversational skills.