Reports of influence being used to obtain COVID-19 vaccine

Reports of influence being used to obtain COVID-19 vaccine

There have been reports of some parties obtaining the coronavirus vaccine via various influences, the Deputy Director-General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath says.

When inquired about non-systematic vaccination in violation of priority, he pointed out that everyone should be patient until their opportunity arises.

“Some people have resorted to various forms of pressure such as using connections and positions to obtain vaccinations outside of the vaccination plan. [They] go to the vaccination centers and demand that the people who come with them be vaccinated.

We have no hope of withholding the vaccination from anyone. Therefore, we urge everyone to be patient until their opportunity arises.”

Further speaking on the vaccine, Dr. Herath added, “Over time, with evidence, we had to change the gap between the first dose and the second dose of the vaccine.

It became clear that there were some needs that went beyond the priorities we set when we were planning for the vaccination.”

The vaccination drive is carried out under the priority list set by the World Health Organization with the vaccine provided through the COVAX program, he added.

Dr. Hemantha Herath also explained how persons with chronic diseases can be vaccinated.

“They must inform of their medical condition before receiving the vaccine. If there is an issue, they have the opportunity to see the provincial medical officer and take further action.”