Countries around the world have closed their skies and borders to UK

Countries around the world have closed their skies and borders to UK

Countries around the world are imposing bans and restrictions on travel from the United Kingdom to stem the transmission of a coronavirus variant that health authorities say can spread faster than others.

The new variant discovered in the UK prompted a Tier 4 lockdown in London and southeast England and tightened restrictions for all of England over the festive period.

Since the UK lockdown was announced, countries in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East have restricted travel from the UK while some have closed their skies completely.

The new variant so far has also been detected in Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia, according to the World Health Organization.

In South Africa, a different coronavirus variant has been reported, according to the WHO. Sri Lanka is due to start their test series with a boxing day test due on 26 Dec.  Two South African players have also been diagnosed but recent reports suggest that the rest of the team has tested negative. However the practise game was called off. 

The following countries (listed alphabetical order) have closed their borders to the United Kingdom as at now as reported on foreign media;

Flights have been canceled from Monday. 

Belgium will block travelers from the United Kingdom.

Air travel between Bulgaria and the United Kingdom suspended starting Monday until January 31, 2021.

Canada to ban most passenger travel from the UK.

All flights to and from the UK suspended beginning Tuesday. 

All flights between Colombia and the UK suspended, starting on Monday. 

Czech Republic
All flights from the UK banned.

Denmark has temporarily banned air travel from the UK for 48 hours. The ban is in effect through December 23.

El Salvador
El Salvador is banning anyone entering the country from the UK and South Africa.

Suspension of air traffic between Estonia and the UK until the end of the year.

A 48-hour ban on the movement of people from the UK to France starting Sunday night and applying to all methods of transport.

The German government is restricting travel to and from the UK and South Africa.

Hong Kong
Ban all passengers who stayed in the United Kingdom for more than two hours in the past 14 days from arriving in the city.

Flights between India and the United Kingdom are suspended until the end of 2020.

Suspension of flights to and from the UK for two weeks.

Israel has banned flights from the UK, Denmark and South Africa.

Italy is suspending flights indefinitely.

All direct and indirect (transit) passenger flights from the United Kingdom banned through to January 3, 2021.

Kuwait has suspended flights arriving from the United Kingdom starting Monday.

Suspended travel to and from the UK from December 21 to January 1.

Fights from the UK will be suspended.

Luxembourg has temporarily suspended flights from the UK.

Morocco suspended flights to and from the United Kingdom starting Sunday night.

The Netherlands will ban all passenger flights coming from the United Kingdom.

Oman will shut down its air, sea and land borders starting Tuesday, December 22, for one week.

Pakistan is suspending direct or indirect travel from the United Kingdom from December 23-30.

A ban on flights coming from Europe for two weeks.

Republic of Ireland
The Republic of Ireland is banning flights from Britain on Monday and Tuesday.

Russia is suspending flights to and from the UK for a week.

Spain's government, in coordination with Portugal, will refuse entry to travelers from the UK starting Tuesday.

Sweden is banning travel from the UK.

Switzerland has issued a general entry ban for foreigners arriving from Great Britain or South Africa.

Tunisia has suspended flights to and from the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

Turkey has banned flights from the UK, South Africa, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Source: Foreign Media reports (the list will be updated)