Water supply: Over 260 projects for efficient supply

Water supply: Over 260 projects for efficient supply

All arrangements have been made to commence 264 projects in the country to make water supply activities more efficient by next year, the Ministerial Consultative Committee on Water Supply said.

The Ministry has thus planned to launch one part of the projects in 2021 and the other the following year.

Addressing the committee chaired by Minister of Water Supply Vasudeva Nanayakkara on Friday (27), Ministry of Water Supply Secretary Dr. Priyath Bandu Wickrema stated that he hopes to increase the water supply coverage in the country from the current 40% to 78%. The current water production per day will be increased from 2.07 cubic metres to 4.47 cubic metres, he said.

All these projects are expected to be designed by engineers of the Water Board and carried out by local contractors using local funds.

Minister Nanayakkara emphasised that focusing on efficiency alone is not his objective, and that he aims to provide quality water to the people.

Furthermore, the Minister said that the National Water Supply and Drainage Board and the Department of National Community Water Supply under his Ministry are working efficiently towards this purpose.