Steps taken to monitor progress of O Level students: Min. Of Education

Steps taken to monitor progress of O Level students: Min. Of Education

The Ministry of Education has taken steps to inquire from the teachers in charge of the relevant subjects about the level at which all the syllabi of the students who are entering Grade 11 in the year 2020 and are facing for the first time for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination have been covered.

Although the educational activities of the students have been hampered due to the non-regular conduct of schools in the year 2020 due to the prevailing Covid epidemic in the country, the teaching and learning process has been maintained at the provincial, regional, divisional and school level using online methods and various electronic and printed methods, stated the Ministry of Education in a release.

In the face of the facilities available in schools in each province and the challenges they face, the ability of teachers to cover all subject units relevant to all Grade 11 subjects may exist at different levels. Therefore, the Ministry of Education has taken this step to gain a broader understanding in this regard and to take further action in this regard.

“Accordingly, the teachers in charge of the subject who teach Grade 11 in all the schools in the island should visit and provide the relevant information online. This information should be provided within a week from 23.11.2020 and teachers will have the opportunity to enter this by entering their National Identity Card number,” the release stated.

Furthermore, if it is difficult for a teacher to access information, they can provide the relevant information by sending a message to including name, National Identity Card number, school, province, and telephone number.

The Ministry of Education urged that the teachers in charge of the subject will include the correct information and that all school teachers in the province, education zone and education division should be made aware of this and the process should be regulated by the Secretary of Education Prof. Kapila Perera.