Happy Birthday, Joaquin Phoenix: 5 remarkable performances by the Oscar-winning actor

Happy Birthday, Joaquin Phoenix: 5 remarkable performances by the Oscar-winning actor

Joaquin Phoenix, who bagged the prestigious Academy Award for his stellar performance in 'Joker' last year, turns 46 today. The birthday boy, who started acting at an early age has not only carved a niche for himself in the world of entertainment but has time and again left everyone stunned with his stunning performances.

While fans have already started flooding social media with adorable birthday wishes for their favourite star, we take a look at the versatile actor's five most memorable performances here.


Joaquin Phoenix, who has won several accolades in his illustrious career, delivered an astonishing performance in Spike Jonze's 2013 film 'Her'. Phoenix essayed the role of a lonely writer named Theodore, who gets emotionally attached to his computer's operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). The futuristic love-story even won several accolades at various prestigious events as well.

03/6​The Immigrant

The James Gray drama which features Marion Cotillard as the main protagonist features Joaquin Phoenix as the main antagonist. While his character is shown to have a change of heart in the latter part of the film, Phoenix manages to nail his negative character with sheer brilliance. Touted as one of his strong performances on the silver screen, 'The Immigrant' is a real treat for all Joaquin Phoenix fans out there.


Phoenix stepped into the shoes of the cruel Roman emperor Commodus as he teamed up with the likes of Russell Crowe, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed and many others in Ridley Scott's 'Gladiator'. The birthday boy's not only immersed himself in his ruthless character on the silver screen but his raw acting skills even helped him landed his first Oscar nomination as well.

05/6​The Master

The brilliant actor teamed up with filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson to tell the saga of a veteran naval officer and how he struggles to fit back in the society post the second World War. While the film turned out to be a huge hit, all the leading actors were nominated for Oscars as well. This film landed Phoenix his second-Best Actor nomination and even helped him prove his versatility as an actor on the big stage.


Phoenix finally managed to hit the bull's eye and bag the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actor with his remarkable performance as Arthur Fleck aka Joker in Todd Phillips directorial. From those minute nuances to that ominous laughter of the clown Prince of crime, Phoenix managed to ace it with absolute brilliance on the silver screen. His portrayal of an unsuccessful stand-up comedian, who turns into Batman's greatest nemesis was showered with praise by all.