Rat Grounds Sri Lankan Plane for Three Days!

Rat Grounds Sri Lankan Plane for Three Days!

A Sri Lankan Airlines flight returning from Lahore, Pakistan, was grounded for a most unusual reason - a stowaway rat. 

The drama began on February 22nd when a passenger on the Lahore-Colombo flight spotted a rat emerge from a fellow passenger's overhead luggage. Airline staff swiftly took action, deploying a glue trap to capture the unwelcome guest.

However, the saga didn't end there. While the flight itself landed safely, concerns arose about the potential damage the rodent could inflict on the aircraft's delicate wiring. 

Following consultations with Airbus, Sri Lankan Airlines opted for a cautious approach, grounding the plane and applying a specialized chemical treatment to eliminate the furry flier.

For three days, the plane remained out of service. 

Finally, on February 25th, the rat was successfully captured, and the aircraft released pending clearance for operation.