Sri Lanka Considering Water Tariff Formula!

Sri Lanka Considering Water Tariff Formula!

Jeevan Thondaman, the Minister of Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development, assured the public that the proposed water tariff formula would be implemented in a manner that does not burden the people.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Presidential Media Center, Minister Thondaman emphasized that the preparation of the water tariff formula is in its final stages.

However, the minister also acknowledged that further study and evaluation are necessary before the formula can be fully implemented. 

Minister Thondaman emphasized that electricity plays a pivotal role as one of the main variables in the formula as it will directly influence the water tariff rate, impacting households and businesses across Sri Lanka. 

“Our team, including university professors, is diligently working on finalizing the formula,” stated Minister Thondaman. “Once they arrive at a definitive figure, the government will make an informed decision regarding its implementation.”

As Sri Lanka grapples with water scarcity and increasing demand, the proposed formula aims to address these challenges while minimizing the impact on households and businesses.