IMF Stresses Reforms Crucial for Sri Lanka's Economic Future!!

IMF Stresses Reforms Crucial for Sri Lanka's Economic Future!!

In a crucial review meeting with International Monetary Fund (IMF) representatives, Sri Lanka's Acting Finance Minister, Shehan Semasinghe, discussed the progress and challenges of ongoing economic reforms aimed at tackling the country's ongoing crisis. 

The meeting, held at the Presidential Secretariat, saw a constructive exchange of views between Minister Semasinghe, IMF Senior Mission Chief Peter Brewer, and his team.

The IMF delegation emphasized the critical importance of implementing reforms with "precision as intended" for their effectiveness in Sri Lanka's economic recovery.

Significantly, the IMF delegation stressed that these reforms are crucial for Sri Lanka's long-term economic development, regardless of any future political changes

Shehan Semasinghe,expressed satisfaction with the progress of the reforms that Sri Lanka is implementing to overcome the economic crisis. 

The minister noted that further discussion is taking place regarding the pertinent reforms and their timelines. 

The minister further stated that the delegation expressed their views on their North and East visits and emphasised the need to include them in this process.