June 3rd deadline for signing contracts : Another statement from SL Cricketers

June 3rd deadline for signing contracts : Another statement from SL Cricketers

Nishan Sydney Premathiratne, Attorney-at-Law, the official representative appointed by 24 members of the Sri Lanka Cricket team has issued a press release on behalf of Sri Lankan Cricketers ahead of the 3rd June deadline for signing annual contracts.

Full Statement 

At the very outset, the players re-iterate their previous position, that they are in principle agreeable to the performance based model and confirm that such was never in issue or made an issue in any form or manner. However, unfortunately, the dispute in respect of the players’ contracts has been incorrectly made out to resemble an exclusive issue in respect of payments and perks, which is wrong.

The issue which the players assert is, simply put “TRANSPARENCY”. For close to a month now, the players have been continuously  requesting for Transparency, but such has not been provided. Presently, the players have been graded and categorized and such has been publicized.

However, the most pertinent matter, which is yet to be disclosed to the players, is the issue of points awarded for each player in respect of performance, for fitness, and for the other categories which have been identified in this New Performance Based Model.

These categories of assessment which have been introduced to this performance-based model require independent marks to be allotted in respect of each category for each player.

In these circumstances,

  • What merit is found in this entire performance-based system, if there is no transparency when globally, transparency stems from the very top of the cricket administration in respect of all matters including payments and
    earnings; and
  • Where a non-transparent system can be manipulated by any party, such
    could also lead to favouration and personal preferences.

Solely on this ground, the players find the contracts to be unfair, unreasonable and arbitrary and thus the players urge for transparency.

In the event, even after the lapse of a month, if these points are disclosed to players, and such have been awarded within accepted, reasonable parameters which is satisfactory to any reasonable observer ( in consideration of performances during the specified period), the players have no reason to object to the contracts.

Nonetheless, the players have clearly, from the very outset of this dispute, set out in no uncertain terms, that they will be fully available to play for Sri Lanka at any and all times, where their priority is their duty towards the nation.