'Take the COVID surge seriously' - WHO Sri Lanka

'Take the COVID surge seriously' - WHO Sri Lanka

Releasing a statement, the World Health Organization in Sri Lanka stated that a country cannot vaccinate out of the ongoing surge of the COVID-19 virus.

Officer-In-Charge of the WHO in Sri Lanka, Dr. Olivia Nieveras speaking in this regard stated, "This is the most challenging crisis the world has ever faced since World War II. No country has been spared, including Sri Lanka."

Adding that the situation must be taken seriously, Dr Nieveras noted that most of the public is tired and overwhelmed as they have been facing the COVID-19 crisis for over a year.

"However, the reality is that we may be entering the most challenging chapter yet" she noted.

Dr Nieveras stated that while the Government, Health Ministry officials, and frontline workers have been working tirelessly battling the virus, the WHO and UN stand ready to support in any way possible to save lives and to control the virus.

She emphasized that the health workers, security forces and other local authorities cannot carry out this task alone.

"Vaccines are a powerful tool that is a key to control COVID-19.", she pointed out. However, she stated that the recent surges reported around the world have shown that the world cannot vaccinate out of the virus.

Noting that there are evidence-based tools that curb the spread of the coronavirus, Dr Nieveras noted that by avoiding the three Cs, one can reduce the spread of the virus. She explained further that by avoiding crowded places, confined and closed spaces and close contact settings the spread of the COVID-19 can be reduced.

She also pointed out that Sri Lanka follows the ‘DReAM’ setting to reduce the spread of the virus.

D- Physical Distancing, no gathering, mainly stay at home,
Re- Respiratory Etiquette,
A- Aseptic practices (hand wash, hand sanitizing)
M – proper use of face mask

“We must follow this recommended behaviour to protect ourselves, our families and our loved ones. We will overcome this crisis if we all do our part,” she emphasized further.