Jaffna hunger strike ends after foundation stone laid for new monument

Jaffna hunger strike ends after foundation stone laid for new monument

A new memorial monument to remember those who died in Mullivaikkal during the war in Sri Lanka, is to be constructed at the Jaffna University, in place of the monument that was demolished on Friday (08).

Government Parliamentarian Angajan Ramanathan said the foundation stone for the new memorial monument was laid today led by Vice-Chancellor of the University S. Srisatkunarajah and university students.

The hunger strike that was launched to protest the demolition of the previous memorial monument came to an end following the event held this morning to mark the construction of a new monument.


Commenting on the demolition of the earlier monument, MP Ramanathan said “Everyone should respect the feelings and sentiments of our people beyond permissions; I am deeply saddened and strongly condemn removal of ‘war victims’ memorial at Jaffna University is common to all who lost lives in the final war beyond racial & religious differences”.

The MP further said that if they had been informed about this in advance they would have been able to talk to relevant authorities before such a catastrophe took place and resolved the matter smoothly.

He added that an issue that needs to be resolved smoothly through dialogue with all stakeholders had escalated into Hunger strike.

A tense situation arose in Jaffna on Friday (08), after the war monument, constructed at the Jaffna University to remember those killed in Mullivaikkal during the war, was destroyed by the authorities.

Jaffna Mayor Vishwalingam Maniwannan was among those who gathered outside the gate with several students.

Thereafter, University students among others launched a hunger strike to protest the move to demolish the memorial monument.