The Victoria Dam is 100% safe

The Victoria Dam is 100% safe

It was revealed that the Victoria Dam is one hundred percent safe.

Details in this regard were revealed during a recent discussion regarding the tremors, stated Central Province Governor, Lalith U. Gamage.

Joining the discussion, Victoria Reservoir Main Dams and Reservoir Operations Director S.R.A. Aruppola said that despite some publicity campaigns in the community, the Victoria Dam was not in any danger. He also added that the dam was being inspected constantly.

He noted that in case of any unsafe situation on the dam, necessary arrangements were already made.

Sajjana de Silva, Director General of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau was also present at the discussion Speaking further he stated that four seismometers were installed in Sri Lanka thus far and there is a possibility of obtaining more accurate information and reporting on any disaster situation.

Accordingly, an inspection tour of the Victoria Dam is scheduled to take place on 22 December.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment has appointed an expert committee to investigate the occasional tremor reported around Victoria Reservoir.