PUBG Mobile Is Coming Back And It Will Be Known As PUBG Mobile India, But You May Have To Wait A Bit

PUBG Mobile Is Coming Back And It Will Be Known As PUBG Mobile India, But You May Have To Wait A Bit

Great news for PUBG Mobile fans! The creators of PUBG, or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS game have confirmed that there is a new version of the game called PUBG Mobile India that is in the works. PUBG Corporation says that PUBG Mobile India has been created specifically for the Indian market, with data privacy and the security of Indian gamers being top priority. PUBG Corporation has also confirmed that there will be an Indian subsidiary. PUBG Corporation’s parent company KRAFTON will also be investing $100 million in India to push video games, esports as well as the entertainment and IT industries.

PUBG Corporation says PUBG Mobile India has been specifically tweaked for Indian gamers. “Various aspects of the game will be customized for Indian gamers, such as the game now being set in a virtual simulation training ground, new characters automatically starting clothed, and green hit effects to reflect the virtual nature of the game. More importantly, the company will include a feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players,” says the developer, in an official statement. PUBG Corporation says that there will be regular audits and verifications of the storage systems where the data of Indian users will be stored, including personally identifiable information.

There will also be a push for PUBG esports in India, with exclusive tournaments with large prize pools. The company also says that the Indian subsidiary for PUBG Corporation will hire over 100 employees to leverage local businesses and collaborations for the gaming service.

It is not clear at this time whether PUBG Corporation or its Indian subsidiary have the necessary approvals and permissions from the Government of India. It was in September that PUBG Mobile was banned in India as part of the third crackdown by the government on Chinese apps. As many as 118 more Chinese owned apps were banned in India, including Ludo World, APUS Launcher, Ulike, AliPay, Super Clean - Master of Cleaner, Phone Booster, Tencent Weiyun, Baidu, FaceU, AppLock Lite and Cleaner - Phone Booster. Earlier, the Government of India banned 59 apps on June 29 and followed that up with a second crackdown almost a month later by banning 47 more apps that cloned the apps previously restricted in India. The crackdown has been done deriving powers under the section 69A of the Information Technology Act read with the relevant provisions of the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 citing the concerns about India’s security, integrity and defense.

If you are looking for a launch date for PUBG Mobile India, we do not have one as yet. All that the PUBG Corporation says at this time is that the details of the release of PUBG Mobile India game will be released at a later date.