Effective way to deal with the pandemic and to retain style - Double masking a strategy to protect ourselves 90%

Effective way to deal with the pandemic and to retain style - Double masking a strategy to protect ourselves 90%


The covid numbers are raging in Sri Lanka. Various experts have hinted at the possibility that we might end up in a similar situation in Sri Lanka.

Currently a patient is reported every 50 seconds, there are over 13,000 active patients with Galle district already reporting that they don not have for patients with 15 of 22 patients recently asked to stay at home. A hotel in Unawatuna reporting cases were also asked to stay at the hotel.

The deaths are increasing with hospitals stating that there are more young people in ICU at present and young people without any other complications are now in critical condition with covid.

Vaccination is the country strategy as well the the clear way forward for towards immunity according to experts. However the world is plagued by the richer countries hoarding vaccinations (eg. US is reportedly not willing to release 40 million AstraZeneca vaccines that they will not use), and production Chaos with the Chairman of the largest pharmacy in the world Serum Institute, fleeing India amidst threats and the cost of the vaccines.

We cannot isolate ourselves for ever. What can we do...how do we keep ourselves safe and our families safe.

One of the most effective and efficient ways of protection is wearing a face mask, however there is so much confusion, indiscipline, and quality issues that masks are limited to following a State order to avoid prosecution and nothing else. Very similar to thousands who wear a motorcycle helmet to avoid a police fine when the intention is to save your life.

So here is a simple double masking strategy to increase your protection over 90% which is higher than the effective rate of vaccines??

What Is Double Masking?
Double masking is the term used for wearing more than one face mask at a time. Some use this technique to cover their surgical masks or disposable face masks with a more colorful printed mask, and others double mask for the added layer of protection.

What Type of Masks Should You Use to Double Mask?
Not all mask doubling is made equal. According to the CDC, the ideal combination for double masking is to wear a medical or disposable mask covered by a fabric mask. The CDC recommends against wearing a second mask over N95 or KN95 face pieces since these are considered respirators that already provide a tight fit to the face. As usual with face masks, the main considerations for wearing two masks come down to fabric and fit.

For the first layer face mask…
It’s important to wear a disposable face mask with an adjustable nose clip. The CDC suggests creating an even better fit by tying the ear straps into knots at the side of the mask. This cinches the top and bottom corners of the mask together and creates less space for air to seep in or out.

For the second layer face mask…
When you double mask with a second layer, you’ll want to go with a fabric mask, like those made of cotton, polyester, or silk. These have the benefit of adding both protection and style. One thing to avoid when wearing two masks is using a fabric mask with a vent filter. These vents can be an access point for particles. Instead, stick with plain, well-fitting cloth masks that cover the nose, mouth, and chin. The main advantage this second layer provides is that it will hold the inner mask tighter to your face, preventing you from spreading or inhaling viruses through the gaps.

Cotton is said to be an ideal fabric for face masks because natural materials have kinks in the threads that are well-suited to catching particles. This reusable cotton mask is made with two layers of cotton to enhance protection. And the beauty of wearing two masks is that you can select this mask in your favorite color, style or design and use it to highlight whatever you wish while protecting ourselves, our families, our community, our nation and the world. 

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