G5 Schols, A/L, O/L 2021 exams postpone

The Education Ministry has decided to postpone three main competitive school examinations for 2021, which were scheduled to be held in August and December this year.

Education Minister G.L. Peiris announced the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination will take place from 4 to 30 October 2021. Grade 5 Scholarship examination will take place on 3 October 2021. The G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination will commence in the final week of January 2022.

Speaking at a Media briefing on 9 March at the Education Ministry, Prof. Peiris said due to the spread of COVID-19, it has become difficult to cover the school curriculum. “Usually schools operate for 200 days per year, however due to COVID-19 pandemic that number has reduced to around 150 days. In the Western Province, that figure has dropped to 130 days,” he pointed out.