COVID-19 clusters emerging from trade zones

COVID-19 clusters emerging from trade zones

New COVID-19 clusters are currently emerging from a number of companies in the trade zones, the Convener of the National Center for Free Trade Zone Workers Gamini Ratnayake says.

He states that corporate administration is focused solely on achieving its goals disregarding the health of its employees.

He said, “Currently a number of coronavirus clusters are emerging in the trade zone. Corporate administrations are not implementing the required health recommendations. The government has also relieved itself of this responsibility. 

The government should pay attention to the health of employees in the garment sector. Managements of companies only want to achieve their goals. [Employees] work together until the PCR results are released. When it is positive, they are then removed.”

Meanwhile, 31 cases of COVID-19 infection have been identified in the Katunayake Free Trade Zone. A total of 100 cases have been reported from the trade zone during the last three days alone.