Kannauj Woman Calls off Wedding after Groom’s Drunk Friends 'Drag' Her to Dance Floor

Kannauj Woman Calls off Wedding after Groom’s Drunk Friends 'Drag' Her to Dance Floor

Not tolerating the misbehaviour from the groom's side, a woman from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh called off the marriage just before the ceremony. She was allegedly dragged to the dance floor by the groom's friends, which the woman and her family did not like.

On Friday, the bride’s family had arrived in Bareilly for the wedding, the Times of India reported. According to a cousin of the bride, they were preparing for a grand ceremony. However, the preparations fell flat with several guests from the groom's side being drunk. The grrom's side was reportedly asking for more dowry too.

When the bride decided to not put up with the behaviour of groom's side, her father stood by her to call off the wedding.

“I cannot force her to marry a person who doesn’t respect her,” the father was quoted as saying.

The police had to intervene after the two sides were engaged in a heated argument. The bride’s family lodged a complaint against the groom's family. The parents of the groom had to give Rs 6.5 lakh to the bride’s family as a settlement.

While the bride’s family had come all the way from Kannauj, the groom belongs to Bithari Chainpur area in Bareilly. Their marriage was arranged by their families and a common relative acted as the mediator. Both the bride and the groom are post-graduates.

Although the bride’s family blamed the groom’s side, the intermediary said that both the sides started misbehaving during the wedding preparations. The intermediary also said that nobody misbehaved with the bride and that “the groom doesn’t even drink.”

Speaking about the incident, Ashok Kumar Singh, SHO of BithariChainpur, said that the woman’s family had filed a dowry complaint. She said, “No FIR was registered since it is an issue between two families. They reached a settlement.”

Even though the wedding was called off, the groom’s family tried to convince the bride’s family again for a simple wedding ceremony, however, the bride refused.The cousin of the bride said the groom’s friend misbehaved with the bride and that women are not allowed to dance in public in their family.