Working From Home? Try These 5 Steps to Have the Correct Posture

Working From Home? Try These 5 Steps to Have the Correct Posture

The pandemic has brought an 180-degree change in the way our lives went about. Instead of hitting the gym and then the office, many of us are now working from home, not going out till it is absolutely essential and following our favourite yoga master from the internet within our four walls.

However, the drastic lifestyle change can cause certain distress and more severely some damage in our bodies if we are not mindful enough. As our homes are our workplaces now, we cannot go all lazy and comfortable with the work station. This is because we are still doing the same amount of work, and possibly starting longer hours at the screen.

So taking care of the posture is very important. Follow these 5 rules:

Place your screen at eye level


You should not have to look at the screen by either straining your neck or bending it. Use a monitor stand to adjust the height of the computer or use hardcover books below a laptop to adjust its height.

Looking after your back


Sitting at the same spot for long hours can hurt your lower back. So we need to make it as comfortable as possible. Use ergonomic chairs so that you can adjust the height, back position and tilt. Also, try to sit straight consciously.

Make a 90-degree angle at the elbow joint


Your hands on the keyboard must be parallel to the ground and your elbows should be by the side of your body so your arm forms an L-shape or 90-degree angle at the elbow joint. Use chairs with hand rest to ensure this posture.

Avoid phone strain


If your job demands talking on the phone often, then make sure you don’t bend your neck to hold the phone and type. Use speakers or earphones to speak on the calls. It is better if you can get up and take a walk around with the phone. But for longer calls, try making it hands-free.

Take regular breaks

It is true that the normal tea breaks and office chit chats are not available at home but taking a break is necessary. Have your food away from the desk and stretch at regular intervals.