Healthy Warm Foods that Can Make Your Winters Both Delicious and Nutritious

Healthy Warm Foods that Can Make Your Winters Both Delicious and Nutritious

Winters are here and so is our craving for some warm food. But do not forget your health in order to satisfy your cravings. Take a look at some of the healthy warm foods that can make your winters both delicious and nutritious.


It is winter, and all we can think about is to sit with a warm bowl of soup inside our blankets. Soups are not just soothing for our soul, but are also extremely healthy to include in our diet. They are light on tummy, delicious and extremely nutritious. And if made correctly, they do not have to be bland and flavourless. From vegetable soups to chicken soups, the options are galore.

Including some chicken in your diet will be a good idea. Chicken is a lean meat and one of the richest animal sources of protein and can soothe your cravings for a long time. You would binge less on other fattening food. Combine the chicken with some fresh veggies, spice and herbs, and it can be one pot wholesome meal in itself. Being light and comforting, soups are easy in our digestive system, further helps in weight loss.


Parathas are quite essential when it comes to North Indian diet, especially in winters. However, our essential parathas also have an unfair reputation of being high in carbs, oily and calorie-laden. But if consumed the right way, you could lose weight with the food you have grown up eating. Try making the methi-ajwain paratha.

Even though parathas are known to be oily and greasy, but when made at home, you can decide the amount of oil you put in. Another way you can make parathas healthy is by opting for healthier flour like whole wheat atta, which is loaded with fibre.


During the cold season, when we are most vulnerable to seasonal flu, cold, cough and fever, Bajra til ki tikki is popular across India. This sweet tikki is made with sugar syrup or jaggery. The recipe can be made simpler with addition of a small amount of powdered sugar. Bajra flour is commonly used to make roti in Indian households, especially in Rajasthan and the surrounding Hindi belt region. It has a rough texture and if you like the taste of bajra roti, then the tikki made with it tastes even better. Only three ingredients are required for the recipe – Bajra, sugar powder and til (sesame seeds).


For those who are diabetic, extra caution is needed in the diet, lifestyle and medicines. Patients of diabetes cannot really gorge on sweets and eat whatever they feel, like other people with blessed metabolism.

Winter season provides us with many fruits and vegetables that could help keep your blood sugar levels in control. Nutritious foods like carrots, guavas, radish, beetroot, methi, sarso are just some of the winter superfoods that you can include in your diet. You can either have them raw or blend them into smoothies, or also make delicious flavourful salads.