Manning Market : New complex opening on Friday

Manning Market : New complex opening on Friday

The new Manning Market Complex is scheduled to be officially opened on Friday (20) with Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa presiding over the occasion.

Urban Development Authority (UDA) Director General N.P.K. Ranaweera said it would only be opened for traders and the public after receiving approval from the health authorities.

“The Manning Market Complex will be officially opened on 20 November with the Prime Minister expected to grace the occasion. However, it will not be opened to traders or the public until health authorities give the green light.”

He said that all Covid-19 measures would be followed before allowing traders and the public to enter the market.

“PCR tests will be conducted on traders and results will be checked before they are allowed to take part in activities at the market. Next week, we will have a rehearsal to see how it could be opened for operations.”

He said the new market is fully equipped with the necessary facilities.

“There are some 1,150 stalls at the new market. It has loading and unloading bays, cool rooms, canteens, toilet facilities, and even temporary lodging for traders.”