Valentine’s Day 2021: Special Yet Easy Gift Ideas ​to Impress Your Partner

Valentine’s Day 2021: Special Yet Easy Gift Ideas ​to Impress Your Partner

We feel gratified, elated and loved when we get gifts, while giving gifts lets us experience the joy of others. These emotions are universal across most celebrations, ceremonies and special events, especially the Valentine’s Day.

V-Day is special for couples all around the globe as it marks that one day where people love to show-off their affection for each other.


Here are a few gift ideas to help lovers:

1. Hand-written note/letter


Handmade items are more meaningful and warm, compared to factory-made goods. The practice of writing love letters has almost become extinct, as have Passenger Pigeons. Yet, such letters can still convey affection in a way that a store-bought Valentine’s Day card or a printed one cannot. People tend to appreciate personal efforts, which may be representative of the depth of one’s feelings.

2. Home-cooked food

Visiting a restaurant with your partner is easy and quite fun. However, surprising one’s beloved with a special home-cooked meal that they are quite fond of, is far more special. The food may not taste as delectable as the one from a restaurant, but it will be a far more satisfying meal because of that personal touch.

3. Picture collage

This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for elderly couples. A collage of black and white and colour photographs capturing some of the most cherished romantic moments, fixed on a wooden frame, can bring great joy to those who have held on to each other through the thick and thin for decades. Ideally, it is the children who should take this gifting initiative.

4. Flower seeds

Perhaps, the best symbol of the growing bond of a couple is a seed that grows into a beautiful flowering plant. Trees and their branches are also a symbol of life itself. Taking care of a delicate seedling together could be a great bonding activity for loved ones.

5. Teddy bear

A teddy bear soft toy seems like the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for young men to give to their lady loves. These plush toys usually have a big red heart attached to their hands. It is a perfect symbolic expression of love. Besides, who doesn’t like hugging teddies!