Mindfulness: Are You Paying More Attention to Customs Than the Loved Ones?

Mindfulness: Are You Paying More Attention to Customs Than the Loved Ones?

Tolerating each other doesn’t mean that we are bearing any kind of injustice. It simply means considering each other’s weaknesses along with their virtues.

In my life too, I have a person who has great love for me, even when we have big indifferences in opinions. Still we never quit tolerating each other. In the end, our disagreements dissolved and only love remained there. If we begin to end relations due to petty issues, no relations will be left in our life. Tolerance is the synonym of love. Enduring is nearer to love than disaffection.

So, we must understand that life is not as big as we have assumed. While having spats or resentments, we forget that life is not very long. It is like a prepaid sim card, the moment talk time ends, communication too ends. Life should be tender and include forgiveness. Capacity of tolerance will make our life beautiful and full of fragrance.

Let me share an anecdote. A Mindfulness reader from Mumbai, Ayushman Tripathi was not ready to forgive his brother for a bad incident. He used to be uneasy, whenever his brother was mentioned. After so many years, everyone wanted that communication should be restored among these brothers. Meanwhile, I too tried. I asked Ayushman that if your brother is no more for any reason, will this resentment still continue?

He got angry and said, “How can you say things like this, he is my elder brother.”

I replied that he was forgetting this. I asked him to bring this inner love for his brother to the forefront. Don’t confine your love so much that it gets lost.

We usually see that we are not able to see any relative or friend during his illness. But if due to any reason, he is no more, we leave everything and run quickly. I would request that we need to change this a little. We should give more importance to the living ones. We still give more priority to our customs than the living ones. I am asking you to give more attention to the person than the rituals.