Rajinikanth's Party Name, Symbol Fixed? EC Data Hints at Details Amid Kamal Haasan's Offer to Join Hands

Rajinikanth's Party Name, Symbol Fixed? EC Data Hints at Details Amid Kamal Haasan's Offer to Join Hands

Though actor Rajinikanth has kept the public in suspense over the name of his party, the Election Commission's list for the Tamil Nadu assembly elections has hinted that the superstar's political outfit could be called 'Makkal Sevai Katchi'.

A few days ago, the EC released names of new parties registered along with the symbols allocated for the polls to be held in April-May 2021. In that, Rajini Makkal Mandram's Tuticorin secretary Anthony Stalin registered the name as Makkal Sevai Katchi.


Stalin has given his Chennai address as No 10, Balaji Nagar, Ernavoor, Chennai 600057. He has also mentioned the name 'Rajinikanth' and requested 'Baba' signage be given as party's symbol.

Rajinikanth on December 3 broke the suspense by confirming that he will launch a new party and it will contest in all 234 seats. But the actor kept his supporters and others in suspense till December 31, the day on which he assured to release the name of his party.


"The application with the name 'Makkal Sevai Katchi' has been registered by Stalin and he suggested two symbols. The first is the actor's famous symbol of 'Baba mudra', which basically is folding the middle finger and ring finger. The other symbol is auto. The Election Commission has apparently allotted the auto symbol for the party," said a senior official of the poll panel on condition of anonymity.

"Symbols are allocated only from a basket of symbols and beyond this, the EC will not allocate any symbol for any party. Even with the symbol, for example, if it is a comb, it must be present in the basket of symbols," said the official.

According to the official, a party in a different name was registered in 2018 and a few months back, the name was changed to Makkal Sevai Katchi.

"AIADMK was also registered similarly. Though former chief minister MG Ramachandran was the founder of the AIADMK, the party name was applied in the Election Commission by Ankaputtur Ramalingam, an office-bearer of MGR Fans Association,” said an analyst.

It is said that the details of the party will be confirmed by the actor himself on December 31. Soon after the announcement on December 3, the actor huddled up with his close people and has been in discussion with his Mandram's district secretaries. At present, the actor is in Hyderabad for the coming up film 'Annatha' produced by Sun Pictures.

Meanwhile, actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan has said that he is ready to join hands with Rajinikanth. "It is for the welfare of the people. There is no ego here. We will not be rivals," he said.