Hotline for COVID-19 inquiries

Hotline for COVID-19 inquiries

The Health Promotion Bureau has introduced a telephone hotline for all inquiries related to the COVID-19. The Hotline is 1999 and is operational round the clock (24 hours). Any information on COVID-19 could be obtained in all three languages. Speaking at a media conference at the Health Promotion Bureau yesterday, Chief Epidemiologist of the Epidemiology Unit, Dr. Sudath Samaraweera yesterday said that a cluster of COVID-19 coronavirus has been created at Brandix Minuwangoda garment factory, and 71 people have been identified as having been infected with COVID-19.

He said that although there were large COVID-19 clusters in the Welisara and Kandakadu in the past, the risk was less as they were in the camps, but in this cluster the risk of community spreading is high since the infected persons came to work from their homes on a daily basis and were more exposed to society.

He further said that the risk of the disease spreading is high since the source of the infection was not yet covered.

He said that if there is anyone who has been associated with this factory in the last few days, they should stay at home and if there is any respiratory distress or complete symptom, they should inform the health officer in their area and seek immediate hospital treatment.

He also instructed the people to stay indoors as much as possible and go out only for essential purposes. People are also advised to refrain from congregating in large crowds.

The Chief Epidemiologist further said that no decision has been taken yet to postpone the forthcoming examinations and the relevant authorities will be informed about the situation within the next few days. He further said that the further spread of the disease will depend on the day to day behaviour of the people and the public is advised to extend their support by following the proper health guidelines.