All schools open excluding Western Province and isolated areas

All schools open excluding Western Province and isolated areas

Schools in grades 6 to 13 in all parts of the country, except in the Western Province and isolated areas, will be reopened today.

Accordingly, the Secretary of Education Prof. Kapila Perera requested all parties to extend their support to the continuation of education under a complete protective health guideline

He also said that immediate attention would be paid to the commencement of schools for other grades.

Nearly 5100 schools are scheduled to be opened today and the Ministry of Education has taken steps to provide Rs. 106 billion for schools to adopt health care practices.

However, community medicine specialist Chithramani de Silva said that students or teachers living in the Western Province who are involved in teaching and studying in schools in areas other than isolated areas could not participate.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Transport Board stated that steps have been taken to add about 500 student buses to the fleet today.

Its Deputy General Manager Panduka Swarnahansa stated that if there is a shortage of Sisu Sariya buses for transporting students under health guidelines, all arrangements will be made to deploy additional buses.

The Department of Railways stated that special office trains will be operated in the morning and afternoon from today under health protection procedures.

However, the department stated that trains will not stop at railway stations in areas designated as isolated areas.