Updated announcement on travel restrictions

Updated announcement on travel restrictions

The restrictions to limit interprovincial movement will be extended for a period of 14 days – from July 05 to July 19, says the Director-General of Health Services.

Issuing a communiqué, Dr. Asela Gunawardena said the travel restrictions which were effective for the past 14 days will be further relaxed from July 05. However, several additional constraints will be enforced in the Western Province at a moderate level in a bid to further control the spread of novel coronavirus.

The eased travel restrictions will be in effect until July 19 and reviewed after the 14-day period, according to Dr. Gunawardena. Despite the relaxed restrictions, interprovincial travels will continue to be limited as mentioned above, he added.

Members of the public are urged to adhere to the health guidelines when engaging in activities permitted by the authorities.

Meanwhile, public and private institutions are required to continue operations in accordance with the new normal procedure.

Dr. Gunawardena stressed that relaxed travel restrictions will not be valid in areas under isolation orders.

Revised COVID-19 guidelines and updated announcement on travel restrictions are as follows: