Here are 5 Ways to Boost Bone Health Naturally to Enjoy a Healthy Life

Here are 5 Ways to Boost Bone Health Naturally to Enjoy a Healthy Life

It is no secret that having strong bones is one of the crucial keys to a healthy life. With age bones do become weak, tend to loss density; so it is imperative that you focus on strengthening them all the more to avoid risks of fractures, injuries, splinters; very easily. Regardless of which age bracket you belong to, you can always ensure a sturdy, strong skeletal system by keeping a close eye at your food habits, by avoiding excessive binging on junk food, frequent smoking; in short, by adhering to a healthy, disciplined lifestyle.

Adhere to these five ways to improve your bone health naturally:


Pump up calcium intake, and exercise

Having calcium-rich foods are a must for bone health. You can prevent brittle, fragile bones prone to fracture and diseases by including cheese, okra, yogurt, sardines, almond, peas, beans.


Apart from these foods do make it a point to exercise as it helps in keeping your bones agile, reduce inflammation, boost bone density, enhance bone size.

Increase vitamin D, K intake

Speaking of calcium without vitamin D sounds incomplete and inappropriate. Without the latter body cannot absorb calcium. Give your body the right amount of exposure to the sunlight either during the early morning till 8, or around 4 in the evening. These are best times to sun bathe and boost your vitamin D intake from nature. Another way is to of course, have vitamin E-rich foods such as salmon, mushroom, soy milk, oranges, oats, cow milk, eggs, etc.

Likewise, have vitamin K-rich foods such as sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, cereals; to get great bone health, protect bone mineral density and improve overall health.

Improve your protein intake

Did you know that protein is known to reduce risks of fractures as they increase bone density? It also helps in reducing other bone ailments. Have protein bars or shakes or all kinds of protein-rich foods to build fantastic bone quality.

Get more green leafy vegetables in your diet, avoid sugar, excessive caffeine

Eat plenty of greens. Spinach, kale, and vegetables are rich in minerals and nutrients; thereby consuming them would inevitably boost your bone health as they will nourish your skeletal system from within. Also, major lifestyle changes such as watching your sugar, caffeine, alcohol consumption; being mindful of your weight are a bonus for your bones. Your skeletal framework will thank you for following such a disciplined, beautiful lifestyle by giving you healthy bones as a result.

Increase your intake of magnesium, zinc through foods

Bones can become fragile not only due to calcium deficiency. Bones need magnesium and zinc as well to remain strong and sturdy. As a matter of fact, it is magnesium that plays a crucial role in the conversion of vitamin D into active states to facilitate calcium absorption by the body.

And, zinc is essential too, for the development of bone-building cells. You need zinc supply to the body to prevent the excessive breakdown of bone.

Flaxseed, oysters, shrimps, pumpkin, legumes, avocado, tofu, nuts, dark chocolate, whole grain foods, quinoa, cashews are excellent sources of magnesium and zinc.