Unsolved problem of Ambana bridge

Unsolved problem of Ambana bridge

This is the Ambana bridge built across Ambagala in the Naula Divisional Secretariat Division which belongs to the Matale District.

Built in 1950, this bridge will benefit the people of seven Grama Niladhari Divisions including Opalgala, Galboda, Moragolla and Senagama.

Many local and foreign tourists also visit the area to visit the Opalgala Falls and the residents of the area say that more than 5,000 people cross the bridge daily.

However, the bridge is in a dilapidated condition due to the cracks in the wall.

Residents allege that officials have visited the bridge on several occasions and carried out surveys to repair it, but any repairs are yet to be made so far.

The Red Minute is on the lookout for authorities to begin work on the bridge.