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Facebook prepares to launch Messenger Rooms, a rival to Zoom

Amid a global pandemic, people are turning into a more accessible form of communication, i.e., video calls. And as the worldwide lockdown continues, people are finding video calling more convenient.

The one app that’s getting all the heat these days is Zoom. However, due to its security concerns, Zoom has garnered a lot of criticism lately. And taking advantage of the situation, Facebook prepares to launch “Messenger Room.” It is a messenger feature that lets you create multiple chat rooms and share it among your friends.

Facebook plans to roll out Messenger Rooms sometime very soon. It allows users to create and share joinable video chat rooms. And up to 50 people can join the chat room at once.

Facebook says that these chat rooms can be created inside Facebook Messenger. And users can share it through their news feeds or any groups or events they’re part of.

Facebook states that the user that hosts the room has complete control. From people that join the chat room to locking or unlocking, the room is all in the creator’s hands. And they also have the power to remove any member at any point in time.

The best thing about Messenger Room is that there is no limit on how long the room remains open. And you also don’t necessarily need a Facebook account to join.

Security Concerns

Be that as it may, people, mainly security authorities, are concerned over the security measures of Messenger Rooms.

Zoom is already under fire for its ability to let random strangers join any room they please and share distorted images, and so on.

But according to Facebook’s vice president of Messenger Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook “doesn’t view or listen to your calls.” He further adds, “person who creates the room controls who joins, sees, and if the room is locked or unlocked to new guests.”

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